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Best Endovascular Surgeon

Endovascular surgery is a much less invasive option than open surgery techniques, which typically involve large incisions to access various internal body parts. In endovascular surgery, a small injection is made, through which a flexible catheter is inserted into a blood vessel, which allows your surgeon access to any blockages or diseased tissue. As only a small injection or puncture is needed, these procedures can be done without the need of general anaesthesia.

Dr. Rohit Gupta is the Best Endovascular Surgeon in Nagpur. Endovascular surgery treats conditions affecting your blood vessels (vascular system) without making large incisions. Surgeons repair these vessels and remove blood clots to restore blood flow and prevent damage to your brain, heart, limbs, and lungs.

Endovascular Surgery Procedures

  • Valve repair : A diseased or faulty heart valve is either repaired or replaced with a synthetic one.
  • Clot removal or thrombectomy. This is the surgical removal of a blood clot.
  • Stent. A small tube typically made of metal or plastic mesh, a stent keeps your coronary arteries open and reduces your risk for heart attack.
  • Stent grafting. An endovascular stent graft is a fabric tube supported by wire mesh. It helps to reinforce an aneurysm — a weak spot in an artery.
  • AtherectomyThis procedure physically removes plaque from the inside of blood vessels or arteries.

Benefits of Endovascular surgery

Vascular surgeons treat many different conditions, including: 

  • Aneurysm: a bulge or a weak spot in an artery
  • Atherosclerosis: when plaque builds up inside arteries and could lead to blocked blood flow
  • Carotid artery disease: narrowing of the arteries in the neck
  • Deep vein thrombosis: a blood clot in a vein deep inside your body, such as in your leg
  • Peripheral artery disease: narrowing of the arteries in your arms or legs
  • Spider veins: small webs of veins inside the skin
  • Damage to blood vessels after an injury
  • Varicose veins: swollen and twisted veins that cause pain in your legs
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